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jane iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner™

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Sometimes you just don't have time to wait for brushes to dry! Your client has arrived for her appointment, and there isn't a clean brush in sight. That's when you pick up your guilt-free Botanical Brush Cleaner™ and solve the problem in seconds.
  • This cosmetic brush cleaner is a quick-drying alternative to washing brushes. Based in alcohol and witch hazel for quick-drying, it also contains seaweed extracts to condition the brush hairs so they don't dry out.
  • Grapefruit oil and grapefruit seed extract are added to the formula to help destroy any bacteria left on the brushes.
  • Spritz the brush with Botanical Brush Cleaner and then wipe on a towel. The residue left in the brush is non-sensitizing and non-phototoxic. No need to worry about this cleaner shortening the life of your brushes or potentially adversely affecting your client's skin. We still recommend hand washing and drying brushes when possible, but there is a definite place in your professional environment for this sanitizing, gentle cleaner.

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