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Bioelements Facial Masks


1) Layer different masks: 
Layer certain masks together to help buffer stronger masks to make them more comfortable while still receiving the full benefits.

2) Apply masks back to back:
Apply one mask following the directions on the package and then immediately follow with another mask to receive the benefits of both.

3) Spot treat with different masks:
You can use as many different masks as you want to target each specific concern. Just make sure to not leave any of them on longer than the time listed in the directions for each.


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Bioelements Amino Mask
Bioelements Collagen Rehab
Bioelements Kerafole
Bioelements Radiance Rescue
Bioelements Restorative Clay
Bioelements Ultra Rich Creme Therapy
1) Layer different masks: 
“If you have sensitive skin, apply a small amount of Ultra Rich Creme Therapy to the entire face. Then layer Kerafole directly on top. The Ultra-Rich CremeTherapy will buffer the Kerafole for clients who have dehydrated skin.” –Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements Director of Education

2) Apply masks back to back: 
If you have sensitive skin and experience breakouts frequently, use Measured Micrograins + followed by Amino Mask. Follow the directions on both packages. The non-irritating exfoliation action of Measured Micrograins + will clear away dead cells, and allow the OTC ingredients in Amino Mask to penetrate pores deeply without irritating the skin.

This same idea applies to other masks, like Measured Micrograins + followed by Ultra-Rich CremeTherapy for dry skin with unpredictable sensitivity.

3) Spot treat with different masks: 
If you have an oily, congested t-zone and dry skin around the outside of your face you can apply Restorative Clay to your t-zone and Ultra-Rich CremeTherapy to the outer section. Restorative Clay will vacuum up the oil and dirt, while Ultra-Rich CremeTherapy will lubricate the dry skin.

If you have tired, puffy eyes and dull, sagging skin apply Radiance Rescue under the eyes and on cheeks and Collagen Rehab over the forehead, nose and chin for a dewy, glowing complexion.
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