1. Zents Lotion - Anjou

Zents Lotion - Anjou

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Uplifting & Happy

armoise, jasmine, geranium, basil, vanilla bean, wild mimosa

This ultra-hydrating hand and body lotion is packed with probiotic peptides to help skin appear more refined, smooth, and youthful. Hyaluronic acid holds moisture to hydrate, plump lines, and improve skin’s elasticity. Rich organic shea butter and coconut oil impart deep softness and protect skin from the elements. Packed with potent antioxidants, this luscious lotion protects against toxins and aids skin cell regeneration to improve the appearance of aging, ease wrinkles, and soothe sun-damaged skin. Your softest, sexiest, most youthful self has arrived.

****Formerly Pear

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