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Yu-Be Yuzu Pure Hydration Cream

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Part Number: 83027
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Size: 1.35 oz

Experience pure hydration as you bathe in the refreshing floral and citrus aroma of the Yuzu Pure Hydration Cream!

Give yourself the pampering you deserve and rejuvenate your skin with this exquisite moisturizer that's been carefully crafted with Japan's golden citrus treasure, the yuzu fruit.

  • Non-greasy and absorbs into the skin quickly
  • Just as powerfully hydrating and nourishing as the Original Formula, but made specifically for sensitive skin users
  • Stays locked in and keeps your skin moisturized for up to six hours after application
  • Instant, visible relief
  • Hypoallergenic and safe for children
  • Enriched with Vitamins B6 and E
  • Cruelty, Alcohol, and Paraben Free
  • Petroleum Oil Free (non-clogging)

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