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Revitalash Aquablur

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Part Number: Revitalash Aquablur
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Size: 0.5 Fl Oz / 15mL

A simple, gentle and  effective  hydrating  eye  gel  that  can  be  used  with  or  without  makeup  to  moisturize,  protect  and  smooth  the  eye  area  for  a  radiant  and  youthful  appearance.  An oil-free  and  antioxidant  rich  formula.

Dual-purpose lightweight eye gel moisturizes the  delicate  eye  area  while  smoothing  skin,  blurring  imperfections  and  creating  the  perfect  foundation  for  under  eye  makeup  application.  Contains highly effective  ingredients  that  replenish  moisture  levels  in  the  skin,  protect against  environmental  aggressors,  and  prime  with  a  soft,  satin  finish.

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