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  5. Discontinued - Baronessa Cali Panarea Body Scrub - 8.5 oz

Discontinued - Baronessa Cali Panarea Body Scrub - 8.5 oz

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Size: 8.5 oz

Benefits: Panarea Body Scrub through a dual action exfoliates away the dirt and dead cells on the skin and improves your circulation when applied in circular motions. It also contains extracts of Malvasian grapes, Mediterranean sea salt (mild abrasive), aloe vera (moisturizing, soothing and calming properties) and white ginger (moisturizing). Infused with Malvasia Grape Seed Extracts for enhanced antioxidant benefits. This fresh white wine fragrance will intoxicate your senses.

The isle of Panarea is the jewel of the Aeolian Islands near Sicily. For generations, the exotic Malvasia grape, renowned for its sweet and spicy aroma, has been cultivated in this region. It is rich in anti-oxidants.

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