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Biogenix Stemcell-C Retinol Complex

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30 ml./ 1 oz. 

Biogenix Stemcell-CTM Retinol Complex is a scientifically advanced multi-active emulsion that targets the five primary causes of visible aging – fine lines, lack of radiance, uneven tone, texture and elasticity. Biogenix’s exclusive Retinol3 Complex utilizes a high level of micro-encapsulated Retinol in combination with two additional forms of vitamin A that dramatically improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, rough texture and skin imperfections. A time-released delivery system eliminates the irritation normally associated with retinol type products while delivering the full dosage of retinol to the skin for maximum benefits. 

Biogenix Stemcell-C Retinol3 Complex contains the core patented Swiss stem cell extract from the medicinal herb comfrey proven to accelerate the skin’s natural cellular renewal process. The addition of Biogenix’s exclusive Dermagene 6TM — a potent complex of peptides and amino acids — additionally targets wrinkle formation and diminishes their appearance. Comprehensive blends of vitamin E, along with two powerful forms of vitamin C, help stimulate collagen synthesis and provide deep anti-oxidant protection. These ingredients work in synergy to help visibly smooth the look of wrinkles, refine texture, improve skin tone and visibly restore overall radiance for a more youthful appearance. 

Recommended for all skin types.  

• Accelerates cell turnover, encouraging skin cells to naturally exfoliate more quickly, revealing healthy, smooth skin with improved texture and clarity. 

• Rough, dry, flaky skin becomes noticeably smoother within days. 

• Surface lines and deeper wrinkles become less noticeable within one month. 

• Diminishes the appearance of pigmentation due to sun-damage and discolorations from inflammation. 

• Continued nightly use results in smooth skin, refined pores, enhanced skin tone and texture. 

• Visibly younger, more resilient looking skin in as little as 4 weeks.

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