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Bioelements Stress Solution
Bioelements Stress Solution

Bioelements Stress Solution

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For skin that is:
•Very Dry

Don't let stressed skin stress you out. This skin-smoothing lightweight serum protects against visible irritation caused by aggressive over-exfoliation, environmental irritants and chronically sensitive skin. Rich in calming extracts of honeysuckle flower, cornflower, licorice root and green tea, it soothes away sensitivities as barrier builders lock in moisture and antioxidants fend off aging free radicals. Your skin will feel healthy, comfortable, smooth, and stress-free.

With daily use, Stress Solution:

  • Calms and soothes skin
  • Protects against visible irritation from over-exfoliation, sensitivities or aggressive topical products
  • Boosts skin's resistance to environmental irritants
  • Helps skin feel healthy, comfortable and exceptionally smooth

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