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Babor Calming Cellulose Mask

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Bio Cellulose Mask is a sheet mask with a fleece like texture made with Pullulan and Hyaluronic Acid, specifically designed for sensitive skin. This Bio-Cellulose Mask helps provide intensive moisture while soothing the skin. This mask helps to promote relaxation of the skin. The Bio-Cellulose Mask fits to the unique contours of the face and creates an optimally moisturized, fresh, radiant looking complexion. 

Contains a special Power Peptide that mimics the action of Royalactin- the peptide found in Royal Jelly produced by honeybees for the Queen Bee. Based on scientific research, the Power Peptide helps make the skin more resistant against all external influences and factors. Skin appears healthier looking and feels smoother with a youthful glow.

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