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Astonishing Skin Care is an authorized dealer of many of the most popular skincare, body care and hair care brands on the market. We carry a wide selection of products that address many of the skincare concerns people struggle with each day. From acne to anti-aging and everything in between, Astonishing Skin Care has a brand or product for anyone of any age looking to improve their skin’s condition.

Some of our most popular brands include Jane Iredale—a comprehensive skincare makeup line designed to treat skin as well as make it beautiful, SkinMedica—an anti-aging skincare line that naturally rejuvenates skin. These brands, as well as the others on our website and in our spa are backed by years of scientific research and have a dedicated user base because they work exactly as they promise.

Astonishing Skin Care is proud to be your authorized dealer for all your skincare needs. Each brand we sell offers numerous benefits for our customers. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Younger looking skin
  • Reduction in acne and other embarrassing skin issues
  • Softer, more radiant skin
  • Reduced hyperpigmentation and discoloration
  • Sun protection
We understand that skin issues not only affect your physical appearance, but they can also affect your emotional state as well. Sometimes, in order to feel better about yourself, you have to look better and we are here to help you do just that. Shop our skincare brands and find one that works for you. If you have questions, feel free to contact our customer service department. We are always happy to help you achieve the radiant skin you deserve.