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Chapped Lips & Lip Care

When it comes to battling the elements, your skin serves as your front line of defense. But it's your lips that really bear the brunt of the attack from sun, wind, cold, and dry air. It's a wonder our mouths don't suffer more in the line of duty-we bundle up in extra layers during the winter months, leaving our lips exposed.

"Lips are mucous membranes, so they have very thin surface layers of skin," says Los Angeles dermatologist Jessica Wu, MD. When compared to the skin on the rest of your face, Wu says, lips are the most vulnerable to drying out. In fact, research shows you lose up to 10 times more moisture through your lips than you do elsewhere on the face or body.

Arid winter air, arctic blasts of wind, and the low humidity indoors all lead to a crisis for your lips in the form of dehydration. Once moisture is sapped from skin cells, they become fragile so your lips develop tiny splits and cracks. These tiny tears are what make chapped lips so painful -- heat, acidic food, even toothpaste can aggravate raw skin.
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Chapped lips – they're unattractive and they can be painful. No matter the season, chapped lips are hard to avoid. That's because the skin on your lips is some of the thinnest on your body – up to five times thinner than the rest. Moreover, because lips contain no sweat glands or hair follicles, they aren't protected in the same way as the rest of your body's skin.

Treating and preventing chapped lips can be tricky. They're delicate, which leaves them vulnerable to the environment, as well as our own bad habits, so it may seem like a constant battle keeping them soft and smooth. Summertime is especially harsh on lips. Prolonged exposure to the sun can leave them parched and burnt, and swimming, whether in a pool with chlorine or in a lake, saps them of much-needed moisture. During this time, it's important to treat your lips with products designed to prevent chapping and burning in the first place, so your lips are happy, healthy, and look great when you smile.

The best way to prevent chapped lips in the summer is to avoid the outdoors all together. We understand this just isn't possible when the weather is so nice, so that's why we carry a variety of lip care products designed to protect your lips from the things that deplete them. The Dermalogica, Jane Iredale, Yu-Be, and Baronessa Cali skincare lines all include moisturizing, protecting lip balms to keep lips looking and feeling great, even in the most extreme temperatures and conditions. Containing broad-spectrum sunscreens and hydrating, healing ingredients like vitamin E and aloe, these lip balms are serious chapped-lip preventers.

Don't let chapped lips keep you down. Protect your lips before chapping starts; go ahead and enjoy the weather. This summer, Astonishing Skincare has you and your lips covered.

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Chapped Lips & Lip Care