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Talika eye care for a brightening and glowing look ! 

The thinnest skin is found around your eyes. This very fragile part first get fatigue and ageing marks (wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles…). 

It is necessary to preserve it with specific eye care, as patches and gels for a fresher and youthful glance.

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Talika Bio Enzyme Purifying Mask
Talika Bio Enzyme After Sun Mask
Talika Bio Enzyme Anti-Age Mask
Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser
Talika Photo-Hydra Serum
Talika Photo-Hydra Day
Talika Eye Decompress
Talika Photo-Hydra Night
Talika Photo-Pure Foaming Cleanser
Talika Eye Therapy Patch
Talika Photo-Pure Scrub
Talika Eye Detox Specific - Fair Skin
Talika Liposourcils Ink - Chestnut
Talika Liposourcils - Brown
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