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Cellex-C High Potency Serum

Cellex-C High Potency Serum
Cellex-C High Potency Serum
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30 mL
A golden-colored, lightweight liquid containing the patented Cellex-C Complex - 10% pure L-ascorbic acid, L-tyrosine and zinc sulphate -- supplemented by hylauronic acid and a particular group of water soluble bioflavonoids which have a remarkable effect on the feel of the skin's elasticity. Cellex-C Serum is oil-free and suitable for all skin types. The Serum can be applied to the face (avoiding eye area), neck, chest, and hands. Within 8-12 weeks, the skin will appear firmer and smoother with visibly improved color and texture. For use on normal to oily skin.

Product Directions
  1. Cleanse and tone.
  2. Apply Cellex-C High-Potency Serum.
  3. Apply Hydra 5 B-Complex.
  4. Apply moisturizer if required.

  5. *Cellex-C formulations should be applied every 24 hours.

Initially, a slight tingling may be experienced. Discontinue if the tingling becomes uncomfortable or lasts more than 5 minutes. In this case, the skin may be too sensitive to tolerate Cellex-C High-Potency Serum, and you should switch to Cellex-C Serum for Sensitive Skin. The color of this product may change due to environmental conditions. This color change is part of the biochemical-stabilization process and will not affect the efficacy of the product when used as directed.

Avoid the eye area. Use Cellex-C Eye Contour Gel or Eye Contour Cream Plus around the eyes. Avoid hairline and eyebrows, as this product may cause discoloration, particularly on blond or grey hair. When applying Cellex-C High-Potency Serum to your neck, please be aware that it may leave a clear residue on your collar which could oxidize and turn light brown. These stains will usually wash out provided the clothes are laundered as soon as possible after wearing.

Product Ingredients

Ascorbic acid, acetyl tyrosine, zinc sulphate, sodium hyaluronate, bioflavonoids.

 Customer Reviews
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long time customer 12/13/2017
Reviewed by: Loyal Customer from Mound MN

Have been using this product for several years and like the results; my skin feels firmer and looks brighter. Would recommend!

Cellex-C High Potency Serum 7/12/2016
Reviewed by: Loyal Customer from Massachusetts

I have been using Cellex-C products for 26 years, and have reaped the benefit of looking 15 years younger than my real age. The Cellex-C High Potency Serum is a must use product. Tightens skin, lines disappear.

Number 1 8/17/2013
Reviewed by: Loyal Customer from Eastern MA

I have been using Cellex-C since it was first released in the early 90s and, it has helped me age with grace. I am now in my early 60s but my face still looks great. I will not say that I am wrinkle free but the skin on my cheeks is still smooth, soft and firm with no deep lines. I am the only women in my family using this product and the only one who does not have bags under her eyes. Not sure if Cellex-C can get all the credit but I have used only this product along with Drug store moisturizer, Oil of Olay, Aveeno Spf30, for most of my adult life. It works and I am sticking with it. This is not a product that you can expect to see a change overnight, but use it everyday for a month to 6 weeks and you should see improvement. This is good stuff.

Consumer 9/13/2012
Reviewed by: Loyal Customer from Milwaukee

Wonderful! It replaced prescription medication for rosacea a number of years ago. I have had no problems since.

Sr. VP 7/15/2012
Reviewed by: Loyal Customer from Houston

I had been using Skinceuticals CE Ferulic and thought I'd try Cellex-C. I really like it, and even though it's only been a couple of weeks, my skin seems to be better than ever. I always use the B5 Gel too, and think it makes my skin look even better.

51 7/6/2012
Reviewed by: Loyal Customer from Minnesota

Great product. Noticed how my skin is less dry and seems to absorb moisturizers better. Would buy again.

In my mid 60 1/3/2012
Reviewed by: Loyal Customer from Lantana, TX

Have used product since it was a prescription medication. The best skin product I've ever used.

LOVE IT!! 12/12/2011
Reviewed by: Loyal Customer from Boston

Great product, your skin looks healthy and you youthful

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Cellex-C High Potency Serum